Logbuch #15 – Woche 3 und 4

Monday, 4.05.2015/ Tuesday, 5.05.2015 / Wednesday, 6.05.2015


Thursday, 7.05.2015
Why are the animals coming from the future? (4 Points)
1. The animals are coming from the future because this implies a process of
forgetting what kind of knowledge we have about animals.
2. The animals are coming from the future because the animal of the future is a
coming animal.
3. The animals are coming from the future because performing means
4. The animals are coming from the future because the animal from the future is
haunting and questioning the ideology of an „animalistic present“ (which we do not
only find in the Serengeti-Park but also at the shopping mall etc.)

Tuesday, 19.05.2015
MAKING OF (see the video of making of #15 in the category „making of“)…


Logbuch #15 – Woche 2

Monday, 27.04.2015
To make those who see also be looked at.

– gestures of territory-demarcation

Wednesday, 29.04.2015

It is supposed to be a place where you have fun and where you are excited, recreate yourself and enjoy a good time. Stereotype is reproduced it is only done in the most boring and shallow way.

empty spectacle


Thursday, 30.04.2015
Reviewing the logic of the park together. Like the lion licking out the brains of the severed cowhead we are also licked empty by the park: „Better than a horror movie“ the guide (Horst) says. (No fillers just killers.)

Friday, 01.05.2015
I started to draw the Zooropa map. I started to look for texts related to the project,
i.e. Kafka and Benjamin. I started to do an abstract about the introduction to
ethnology. I started to read more about the architecture and cultural dispositivs of

Finally: perhaps becoming an animal is not about knowing what an animal is and
what it means that we become animals but more about „forgetting“ what an animal
„is“. An animal of the future would be an animal about whose animality (in relation
to „our“ humaneness) we can’t be sure anymore. This also implies that we are not
sure about humanity anymore ( -> das Mensch).…


Logbuch #15 – Woche 1 – Donnerstag bis Samstag

Thursday, 23.04.2015
We construct a route. How can we relate to (semi-)public spaces like the main station? Re-framing of urban ready mades like architecture, social practices or persons, estranging/ alienating them and engaging with them. At the same time we began to ask us how a visible space and social practice is connected to many other ones which are mostly invisible. How are the nice streets of Oldenburg connected to the issues/realities of european border regimes? Can we connect these real, imaginary and symbolic spaces during our performance and
if so: how?

safety measures
Friday, 24.04.2015
“Dobbenwiese“ where the Oldenburg Landessausstellung took place in 1905 including 65 „natives“ in a somalian village. Historical and spatial differences during a guided tour.

Saturday, 25.04.2015
How does a zoo function? Zoo Leipzig – it is called „Zoo of the future“.If dreams come true are nightmares we could call the zoo a daymare. The daymare maybe shows itself in the uncommon or unexpected – the crash or accident so to speak.…


Logbuch #15 – Woche 1 – Montag bis Mittwoch

Monday, 20.04.2015

Foto 1-W1

Oldenburg is the city not of today or tomorrow but of „Übermorgen “.

Tuesday, 21.04.2015
trying out for the first time a „ethnological-zoological“ view on architecture, social practices and human behaviour. Silent meeting points in the middle of their cities – they call them bus-stops.

Wednesday, 22.04.2015
Tried out the mobile equipment we bought: in the next days we will investigate the
possible different uses of it – especially in connection to smartphone technology
and the „guided safari“ format. We want to explore site specific aspects while on the other hand exploring general aspects of ZOOROPA. It’s about general topics in specific places and the other way around. We are able to use existing architectural structures as ready made
zoo architectures.…